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Ibizkus Can Basso Red

Wine: Can Basso Red
Producer: Ibizkus 
Country: Spain
Region: Ibiza
Vintage: 2020
Style: Red
Blend: 60% Monastrell / 40% Syrah

Size: 75cl


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Out of stock

The Wine:

Over the past 16 years, Ibizkus has grown to 28 hectares of vineyards on the island of Ibiza. All Ibizkus wines are made from ecologically-grown grapes. Their philosophy is about creating balanced and elegant wines, derived from unique locations, fusing rare and indigenous grapes with expert knowledge.

An easy drinking red wine with aromas of red berries, cherry, and floras. The bright acidity balances the light refined tannins. A fresh fruity red wine to be enjoyed!

Further Info:

Ibizkus Wine, founded in 2007, has now established itself as one of the finest wineries on the island of Ibiza. They produce wine from nearly half the island’s registered vineyards, all originally planted for auto-consumption, of which the vast majority is the black grape, Monastrell. Seen as one of the founding and iconic grapes of Ibiza’s long winemaking past, Ibizkus use it to produce fine reds and flagship rose. About 40% of its production is dedicated to national and export markets, and to promoting its fabulous wines, quality and winemaking potential of this famous Balearic Island across Europe.

The focus is on dry-farmed and organic principles in all the vineyards they own. To preserve the purity of the fruits, the team adopt natural fermentation and minimal intervention in the winemaking process, only adding a touch of sulphites at the end to ensure the wine arrives on your table in perfect condition.

With the utmost respect for local winemaking traditions, the vineyards and winemaking are under the management of oenologist David Lorenzo, who joined the winery in 2010. The aim has always been one of creating the best possible wines from locally-grown grapes, many from ungrafted vines planted over 60 years ago. With the possibility of combining oak, terracotta, ceramic amphorae, cement deposits and even glass to age the wines, the tendency in the past 5 or 6 years was using oak with other materials to impart deep and rich texture to the wine without adding tannic acids present from the wood.



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