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Buffalicious 110g

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At long last, a perfect British buffalo milk Mozzarella. Made by Jonathan Corpe on the family farm near Yeovil, from the milk of their own herd of water buffalo. Jonathan’s father swapped from cows to water buffalo back in the 90s, but soon concentrated on meat, rather than dairy. Like many sons of farmers, as a young man Jonathan left to forge a new career for himself, but soon felt the call to return to the farm and the animals. The meat business was well established but Jonathan believed the time had come to bring some milkers into the herd and experiment with Mozzarella. Mozzarella is notoriously difficult to make well. As Jonathan says, “There’s nowhere to hide when it comes to making good Mozzarella”. It is a deceptively simple cheese and has to be just right to capture the buffalo milk to perfection. Jonathan stretches and spins the curd by hand himself. Timing is crucial to get just the right elasticity, as, when it comes to Mozzarella, the texture is just as important as the flavour. Luckily his study, research and hard work have all paid off. This is a British Mozzarella of which he can be truly proud.

Keep refrigerated below 8˚. Once open, eat in full. This is a very fresh product and may have a very short shelf life of as little as 4 days.


1 in stock

1 in stock


Product Ingredients

Buffalo’s Milk, Salt, Rennet


Buffalo’s Milk


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