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Pombal do Vesuvio MAGNUM

Wine: Pombal do Vesuvio
Producer: Quinta do Vesuvio
Country: Portugal
Region: Duoro
Vintage: 2020
Style: Red
Blend: Touriga Nacional / Touriga Franca

Size: 150cl MAGNUM


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Out of stock

The Wine:

Quinta Do Vesuvio Pombal do Vesuvio is a red wine from the Douro wine-growing region made by Symington Family Estates. Two table wines are made at Quinta do Vesuvio, Pombal do Vesuvio is the second wine. It takes its name from the granite pombal, or dovecote, and is surrounded by some of the Quinta’s finest Touriga Nacional vineyards, a variety that forms an essential component this wine.

Pombal do Vesuvio is Quinta do Vesuvio’s second wine and it is produced exclusively from grapes grown in the property’s extensive vineyards. Grapes are hand picked into small, shallow 20kg containers to ensure that they arrive at the winery in the best condition. At the winery the grapes are manually sorted followed by a gentle destemming and another mechanical sorting. The grapes are transported to the fermentation vats via conveyor without any sort of pumping – again, this is to ensure the grapes remain in the best condition. The grapes are fed into the vats under gravity. Fermentations are monitored individually, and temperatures and macerations (plunging, pumping over and rack and return) are adjusted in accordance with each wine in order that all the grapes’ potential can be tapped. Once alcoholic fermentation is concluded, post-fermentation macerations are employed so as to extract the mature, soft tannins from the pips, thus favouring a wine that is full-bodied and complete on the palate, whilst also contributing to the wine’s longevity.

Pombal do Vesuvio is blend of around 45% Touriga Nacional, 50% Touriga Franca and 5% Tinta Amarela. The wine is aged for 8 months in 400L French oak barrels.

Aromas redolent of cassis, liquorice and brambly, blackberry fruit, as well as appealing dark chocolate notes. Vesuvio’s signature thyme fragrance is also present. On the palate, the seductive, supple texture is sheer pleasure with delicious black fruit flavours, dark chocolate and a touch of mocha. Extraordinary freshness from the fine acidity underpins remarkable balance and impressive structure.

Further Info:

Founded by the legendary Dona Antónia Adelaide Ferreira, Quinta do Vesuvio is one of the great Douro estates. It has a total area of 326 hectares, of which 133 hectares are planted with vines. The rest has been conserved in its natural state. The property has great variations in altitude, from 130m at the riverside to 530m at the top of the ridge. It has vineyards that face north, south, east & west, providing a remarkable range of conditions. Being so far inland, only 30k from Spain, the Quinta experiences climatic extremes, reaching very high temperatures in summer & very low in winter. It is very dry, with an average of only 400mm of rain falling each year.
Dona Antónia bottled the first known single estate wine in the Douro in 1868. When the Symington family acquired the property in 1989, they decided to resurrect Vesuvio as a single estate, rather than amalgamating its grapes under a port brand like most Quintas. Since then, their sole objective has been to create outstanding wines, both Vintage Ports & Douro DOC wines, using only the very best grapes on the property.
The 19th century winery is one of the last places on earth where all the grapes are still trodden by human feet.


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