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Pocketful Of Stones Pilgrim & Galaxy Hop Gin

From Pocketful of Stones Distillery in Cornwall comes this delightfully hoppy gin, showcasing Pilgrim and Galaxy hops – which is why it’s called Pilgrim & Galaxy Hop Gin! Pilgrim imparts oodles of bitter flavours with lemon and pear, while Galaxy hops are known for more tropical peach and passion fruit notes. Try this one with tonic or ginger ale, or let the hops shine in a Dry Martini.

Piney juniper sits alongside bright tropical fruit, citrus, peach, and balanced bitter resinous hops


1 in stock

1 in stock

Further Info:

The Co-founders all worked and lived together in bars in central London. They made loads of friends, had lots of fun, and created all kinds of memories – most of which they can’t talk about…

Maybe, more importantly, they learned lots and lots about spirits and fell in love with their rich history. Abandoning the crowds of London for the wilds of Cornwall, they are pouring all that experience into Pocketful of Stones to make beautifully unique and fantastic Spirits.


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