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Monemvasia Kydonista White

Wine: Kydonista
Producer: Monemvasia Winery
Country: Greece
Region: Laconia
Vintage: 2022
Style: White
Blend: Kydonista 100%

Size: 75cl


Out of stock

Out of stock

The Wine:

Kydonitsa is Greek for quince and this wine is true to its name showing ripe quince and elegant aromas of tropical fruits. Creamy and full flavoured on the palate with a mouthwatering freshness and a long aromatic and sweetly spiced finish.

Kydonitsa is a rare, old local variety and one of the components of the legendary wine Malvasia. The vineyard is located on the peninsula of Maleus at the foothills of the Parnonas Mountain range at an altitude of 80 metres above sea level. Surrounded by the Myrtoo Sea to the North West and by the Laconian Gulf to the South West, the vineyard is influenced by a Mediterranean climate with high sunshine hours and coastal sea breezes. The soils are clay loam and rich in minerals. All these factors contribute in creating a unique terroir and the climatic conditions present an ideal environment for healthy vines, which are cultivated organically.

Further Info:

The Monemvasia Winery Tsimbidi was founded in 1997 with a clear objective: to revive the production of Malvasia wine in its birth place. The Frankish name for Monemvasia is Malvasia, which originally lent its name to the wine. In the 12th century and for the subsequent 300 years, this wine ruled the European world. It is still produced in many countries, but until recently was not being produced in the country of its origin – Greece. The Monemvasia Winery created the first privately owned 121 hectares of vineyard, planted with local varieties. It is committed to producing quality wines which showcase the characteristics of the indigenous varieties and the terroir of the peninsula of Maleus.


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