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Black Cow Vodka

Most definitely the World’s most unique and first Pure Milk Vodka. This is made from Whey; a by product when producing Cheese. Co-owner Jason then goes on to use the Curds in his award winning Cheeses. An incredibly innovative way to utilise waste, this Vodka is ridiculously smooth and is smooth enough to enjoy neat, or with mixer.


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1 in stock

Further Info:

Black Cow Vodka, produced in West Dorset, is the brainchild of dairy farmer Jason Barber and product designer Paul ‘Archie’ Archard. They noticed that in the process of making cheese, whey is a byproduct that is overlooked. While the curds are used to make Barber’s 1833 Cheddar, the two took the whey from the fresh cows milk and fermented it into a sort of milk beer, before distilling it.

It was first launched in 2012, the brand claims to be the only vodka in the world to be made from milk alone, and each year has seen production double. And to think they used to use the whey as pig food!


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