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  • Emmental

    From £8.09
    A cooked and pressed Cheese that is instantly recognisable, thanks to it's many 'eyes'. This has a smooth and mild flavour and, is a firm favourite in sandwiches or grated into recipes. Also a great Cheese to add to a Cheeseboard for children to enjoy as it is not too powerful.
  • Epoisse

    Created by 16th century Monks in the village of Epoisse, they took advantage of their proximity to Burgundy and washed the Cheese in a potent local Brandy; Marc de Bourgogne which imparts a strong alcoholic aroma to the rind. AOC protected, it must be made in the Côte-d'Or, the Yvonne, or the Haute Marne, and a small area west of Dijon and is only made by four producers. This is a pungent Cheese but it's smell is worse than it's taste and it is actually rather mild, with lovely mushroom, garlic and fruity flavours.


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