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  • Kostarelos Dairy is so dedicated to hand-making everything in the Cheese production process that they even make their own Rennet! This Feta is aged for 12 months in Beech Barrels, something that is very difficult to achieve with Feta and transforms  into a Cheese unlike any Feta you have ever tried!
  • Cerney Ash

    One of the first British Goat's Cheeses to be made, this has won countless awards including winning 'Best Goat Cheese in the World' in 2015! Made by Lady Isabel Angus, she developed a love of French Cheese, particularly Valencay and set about on a mission to recreate it. She was able to persuade a local French Farmer's Wife to teach her the basics of Cheese making with limited Dairy and French knowledge, somehow it worked! Today Cerney Ash is a pyramid shaped Cheese that is hand coated in oak and sea salt ash. This is crumbly with a subtle flavour and lemony tang that is truly fantastic.
  • Another award winning Cheese from Whitelake Cheeses. This is a beautiful creamy and soft Goat's Cheese that has been rolled in Ash. This gives this mellow Goat's Cheese a slightly peppery taste, with citrus undertones. Fantastic spread on bread, in a salad or on a Cheeseboard.
  • Made from the Loire region which is famous for outstanding Goat's Cheeses, this does not disappoint. Disc shaped and coated in Charcoal Ash, this encourages blue moulds to develop as it matures. This is a firm cheese that melts in your mouth and unlike other Goat's Cheeses we sell. It has a lovely nutty, salty flavour.
  • Another origin story that makes you want to give up your day job and start making Cheese! Husband and wife duo from Oxfordshire gave up their jobs in teaching and project management and decided to embark on the challenging task of creating Artisan Goat's Cheese. One of the hardest Cheeses to make, it is remarkable that they have only been making Cheese since 2016, as this is utterly fantastic. A mouse like texture, this is creamy with a slight lemony tang and completely addictive!


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