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Magic Rock Fantasma

A dank and juicy IPA, using Simpsons Light Malt in the mash for a sweetly, smooth body. The aroma and flavour is fruit-filled, dank and resinous with plenty of tropical mango, delivering a moreish drinkability. Fermented with their in house California Ale Yeast for a refreshing clean finish.


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Out of stock

About the Brewery:

Founded in 2011, Magic Rock Brewing is a culmination of a lifelong passion for beer. Inspired by local brewing tradition and the vibrant US beer scene, Magic Rock Brewing draws inspiration from their local beer heritage and they want to create a taste experience that is magically removed from the mundane. They strive to make exceptional beer conjured with care and attention to detail; Beer that is flavourful, vibrant, satisfying and consistent; Beer that they love to drink themselves and proudly serve to everyone. They package in keg, cask and can because we believe different dispense suits different experiences – so whether you’re outdoors, down at the pub, or at home – there is a Magic Rock beer for you.


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