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Jean Fillioux La Pouyade Cognac

This is perfectly well-balanced and complex for a rather young Grande Champagne Cognac. A very lively cognac, with fresh fruit aromas that explode on the palate, namely; apricot, greengage, grape, and some notes of almond. It’s the perfect cognac for a party with your friends to go with some toasts of smoked salmon, blue cheese, pate de foie gras. As well as pairing well with  sausage, dried ham, as well. Drink neat or with some ice (just a little) or with some cool sparkling water (a little). It’s the perfect end of afternoon cognac, to recover from a busy day. And this cognac is one of the favourite of the whisky lovers.


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About the Producer:

Five generations of ‘noses’ have held the helm at Cognac Jean Fillioux since 1894. . Perched on top of a hill, their beautiful estate La Pouyade is located in the heart of Grande Champagne, 1er Cru du Cognac (1909).

The 25 hectare vineyard of the Domaine de la Pouyade is located in Juillac-le-Coq, in the heart of the best of Grande Champagne also called “the golden triangle” (Angeac-Champagne, Verrières and Juillac le Coq). The establishment of the vines on this limestone fault and the exposure of the vineyard on the very sunny produce a wine ideal for distillation.

Ugni Blanc, the major grape variety of the Domaine de la Pouyade’s vineyards, brings all the qualities necessary for the wine to be distilled: fine and delicate wine, degree between 9% and 11%, high acidity, and poor in tannins. For a few years now, we have also been experimenting with Folignan – a cross between Folle Blanche and Ugni Blanc which offers the aromatic qualities of the first and resistance and strength of the second.



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