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Filey Bay STR Finish Whisky

The folks from Filey Bay in Yorkshire have gone and finished their single malt whisky in shaved, toasted and re-charred casks (or “STR casks”, if you fancy saving a few letters) that previously held Spanish red wine (Rioja to be exact). This finishing has imparted a bounty of juicy red berry notes to the whisky, along with a subtle chocolatey element. Impressive stuff from the Yorkshire-based team.


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Back in May 2016, the Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery’s stills were fired up for the first time, beginning something spectacular – the creation of Yorkshire’s first ever single malt whisky. The distillery is very connected to its home in Hunmanby on the Yorkshire Coast, with the barley used to make its whisky grown on its own family farm. The spirit is distilled in a pair of Forsyth stills, as well as a four-plate copper column still, while a variety of casks are used to mature the whisky. In October 2019, the Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery released its first bottling of Filey Bay single malt.


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