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Fatman’s Espresso Martini 70cl

“Make me a drink that will wake me the f*@k up”. Legend has it, that this was the instruction given by a supermodel to Espresso Martini inventor Dick Bradsell in 1983, which we can all be eternally thankful for.

Fatman follows the original recipe, starting by using a single origin Coffee Bean from a small producer in Columbia that helps deliver the jolt of caffeine needed to “wake the f*@k up”. Then it is blended with premium Vodka and rich Coffee Liqueur. Simply pour 100ml of this and ice to a cocktail shaker, give it a shake to deliver that foamy finish and pour into your glass. So simple and so good, you will never have to make another one again!


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Out of stock

Further Info:

Fatman and Friends established themselves as a pop-up in Bethnal Green in 2014 and became a huge success. Off the back of the overwhelming feedback owner Matthew Smallbane and his team decided to develop the Fatman brand and create their first small-scale production of aged Negroni, ready to drink in bottles. We now sell their Negroni, Old Fashioned and Espresso Martini pre-made Cocktails.

Also available in 20cl


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