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Cassano Lemomcello

To ensure that every glass has the traditional Sorrento taste, only Lemons from Sorrento PGI are permitted in this fantastic Lemoncello. The whole Lemon is used and this is perfect served chilled after dinner. A little advice- don’t leave the bottle on the table, unless you are prepared to finish it!


2 in stock

2 in stock

Cassano 1875 uses only the finest lemons, ripened under the hot Sorrento sun. They still use the traditional method of Limoncello production by peeling the lemons by hand. This ensures that the tiny oil sacs contained in the zest remain intact, giving an intense flavour and a freshness to the Limoncello.

Bright lemon yellow in colour, with an extraordinary perfume of fresh lemons. On the palate, it is powerful but perfectly balanced, with the bitterness of the lemon peel in equilibrium with the alcohol and a touch of sweetness. Clean and fresh on the finish. Limoncello should always be stored in the freezer and it is remarkably versatile as a drink. A drop in mineral water is wonderfully refreshing on a summer’s day, while a dash in a glass of Prosecco makes a nice alternative to a Bellini. It can be used to add a touch of bite and zest to a fruit salad, or served at the end of a meal.


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