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Blandy’s Bual 30yo Madeira

Wine: 30yo Bual Madeira
Producer: Blandy’s
Country: Portugal
Region: Madeira
Vintage: NV (30yo)
Style: Fortified
Blend: Bual

Size: 50cl


1 in stock

1 in stock

The Wine:

Blandys 30 Year Old Bual Madeira is made by Blandy’s, one of the most famous and oldest suppliers of quality Madeira. It is made from Bual, one of the rare grape varieties grown on the island of Madeira.

Blandys 30 Year Old Bual Madeira is a blend of wines with an average of 30 years old that have been matured in seasoned American oak casks. This 30 year old blend has been created from a selection of the very best Bual vintages of the last 5 decades, and has an average of 32 years of ageing. The youngest wine in the blend is 11 years old, and the oldest 47 years old. All the grapes were picked in the winemaking regions of Campanário and Estreito da Calheta. All wines were vinified in free running press, and fortified in the last third of fermentation.

The wines were aged at the family’s Lodge in Funchal in the traditional ‘Canteiro’ system, whereby the wine is gradually transferred from the higher floors where the temperatures are higher, to the middle floors and eventually to the ground floor where temperatures are cooler. The process of transferring the barrels is absolutely critical to ensure the right balance of ullage and concentration. All through the ageing process, the primary fruit flavours of the wine are gently transformed into tertiary dried fruit notes that produce unique Madeira hallmark bouquet.

Blandys 30 Year Old Bual Madeira is 100% Bual and is made in a medium sweet style. It is presented in a 50cl bottle in an individual box. Does not require decanting. It has been bottled when ready for drinking and will keep for several months after opening.

Further Info:

For 200 years, Blandys Madeira has been synonymous with quality Madeira wine. The Blandy family has played a leading role in the development of Madeira wine throughout its long history and members of the family continue to live on Madeira, maintaining a tradition that goes back to 1811. In 1989 in order to further expand the global market, the Blandy’s approached another Anglo-Portuguese family, the Symington Family (owners of Port Houses Dow, Warre, Graham and Cockburn amongst others) and offered them a partnership in the newly named Madeira Wine Company (MWC). This partnership continues today and in 2011 the Blandys and the Symingtons signed an agreement giving the Blandy family control of the (MWC). The Symingtons remain minority shareholders. Today, Michael and Chris Blandy, 6th and 7th generation members, continue to work in the company, maintaining a tradition that spans over 200 years.


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